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Thank you for your interest in my pediatric practice. On the following pages you will learn the most important thing about my practice and services in German, English and Arabic.

Abdallah Karajoli

Range Of Services





Treatment of all acute diseases in childhood

Checkups U2(no blood test)-U11, J1 and J2
Vaccinations for parents (according to the German Vaccination Commission)
Treatment of acute and chronic lung and respiratory diseases
Treatment of diseases and malformations of the kidneys, urinary tract and gastrointestinal tract
Treatment of premature and newborn infants, especially in congenital or acquired malformations or diseases
Allergy diagnosis and therapy, including pulmonary function testing, immunotherapy
Ultrasound of abdominal organs, skull, thyroid, joints, sinuses
Care for epilepsy
Diagnosis and treatment of enuresis (Ennässen)
Laboratory diagnostics
child-friendly apparatus eyesight tests
Home visits and telephone advice in an emergency outside office hours and by appointment

About Me






Studies, tests and approvals:
1980-1986 Medical School University of Halle / Saale
30.10.1986 diploma of medicine
24.11.1986 license to practice medicine
1987-1988 training of Pediatrics University of Halle / Saale
10/1994-11/1997 training of Pediatrics St. Barbara Hospital Halle / Saale
Since 1992, a specialist in child and adolescent medicine
2005 Focus: Neunatologie
2008 Focus: Kinderpneumologie
2010 additional description: Allergist
1992-2003 FA employee at the St. Elisabeth Hospital, Department of Children Halle / Saale
2003-2009 Senior Physician interdisciplinary intensive care unit of St. Elizabeth and Barbara
Children's Hospital Department of Halle / Saale, CVC, ventilator, rigid
from 01.10.2010 establishment in the Community Practice for Child and Adolescent Medicine

Academic Activity






Membership in professional societies:


Medical Association
Work Group Pediatric Pneumology and Allergology
Professional Association of Child and Adolescent Physicians Association
German Society for Child and Adolescent Medicine Association

Publications: 15

School English